Rifle Elk Best Hunts

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Rifle Elk Best Hunts

Rifle season for elk starts the third Saturday in October and ends the Sunday after thanksgiving. Northwest Montana offers some of the best elk hunting in Montana. The area we guide boast some of the oldest age class bulls in the state due to the terrain, cover and brow tine restrictions our area has to offer. You will be hunting elk from 2500 feet to 7000 feet. Our late season Montana elk hunt allows weather to push elk down the mountain, but due to the low elevation of our valley floor it concentrates our elk, as they do not have to migrate out of our area. During this time of year we use multiple methods of hunting to increase our odds of harvest a big Montana bull elk.

Although we scout year round for your hunt and have the best hunting guides Montana has to offer a lot of your success depends on weather, the ability of you the client, and being in the right place at the right time. We do everything we can to give you the best opportunity to harvest a bull elk of your dreams.


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