Wolf Hunting

Wolf Calling Hunt

This season starts for CCHA December 1and runs through March 15. We like hunting them later in the season when snow allows us to pattern wolves and be more successful with the hunt. Our objective is to locate packs of wolves and stay in front of them calling down wind. Another successful method is to locate wolf kills in areas they will frequently return to. There is no sound in the wild that is more exciting than a pack of wolves howling back at you and coming into your calls. CCHA will allow you to hunt up to 5 wolf tags.

Wolf Trapping Adventure

This season runs December 15 – February 28. This is one of the most effective ways to harvest a wolf. CCHA has hired one of the most successful wolf trappers Montana has to offer. Come with us to run with a licensed guide and certified trapper on a trapline that will teach you how to be successful at trapping wolves. Our wolf trapper tags out year after year and is extremely successful. Our trapline is dedicated to trapping wolves, but will also give you the opportunity to experience coyote, fox, bobcat (nonresidents cannot trap bobcat), pine martin etc. Furs obtained during the trip can be purchased at market price. If you wish to place your own traps you must obtain a wolf trapping certificate from Montana and purchase a Montana trappers license for $250.00. There is a limit of 5 wolves per season.

Wolf Hunting in Montana

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